Rallye Service

 Are you looking for a reputable service team for your next rally?


Then Desert Fox is the right place for you. We offer a flexible offer, which is optimally tailored to the driver. Whether it's a short service assignment of a few days or a rally over several weeks, Desert Fox is the right team partner. 


Our motivated and experienced team is perfectly complemented by professional equipment with our own service truck. We are used to delivering top performance even with simple means under high pressure in order to offer the driver the best possible support.


For us, not only screwing and lubrication is important, but also a close and collegial cooperation with the driver and his team. 


Just contact us directly for further information or price inquiries.


Your Desert Fox Team 

In the past, our service truck was used by the fire department. The original fire engine was converted with a lot of passion and mechanical skill into a fully functional service truck. It was equipped with the following:

  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Garage for 4 rallyebikes
  • Racingtent
  • Tools
  • Tire storage for approx. 30 tires
  • Lifting platform
  • Beds
  • Seats and table
  • 6 persons are allowed to ride, 4 of them strapped in the rear
  • Generator 3kW
  • 230V-Ports